emails you send. 1. WELCOME EMAIL CAMPAIGN The key to a successful welcome email campaign is sending a custom message based on the source of your Colombia Phone Number List leads. For example, AppSumo gets leads from their: Sumo Welcome Mat popup Weekly Product Webinars Monthly Influencer Webinars Monthly Giveaways So they have this waterfall flow set r lead sources: Screenshot of AppSumo The way this waterfall flow works is a: Product Webinar lead gets tagged and sent a custom Product Webinar welcome email.

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Giveaway lead gets tagged and sent a custom Giveaway welcome email. Influencer Webinar lead gets tagged and sent a custom Influencer Webinar welcome email. If the lead Colombia Phone Number List doesn’t match any of those lead sources (e.g., Sumo Welcome Mat leads), then they get a general welcome email. Two days after receiving a welcome email, the lead is removed from the welcome series and put in AppSumo’s Colombia Phone Number List master email list. Note: All email leads keep their tag indicating their source, allowing AppSumo to track which lead Colombia Phone Number List sources generate the most revenue.

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Here’s what two of the emails look like, to give you an idea of how to write welcome emails like this: Screenshot of two different types of AppSumo Notice how both Colombia Phone Number List welcome emails have two key elements: An opening line personalized based on the lead source of the subscriber. Bullet points setting the expectation you’ll get emails “a few times a week” with dope software deals. By Colombia Phone Number List setting your welcome email campaign up like this, you make your welcome emails more personal and can see Colombia Phone Number List which source of leads generate the most sales.

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