Comments Import & Export. Install the plugin, then Yemen Email List enter the date range and specific posts or pages you want to export comments from. Screenshot of steps to use the WordPress Comments Import & Export plugin Hit Export Comments and you’ll get a CSV with all your commenters’ information. Yemen Email List Finally, import that list into a new List Builder group (or whatever email provider you use). To do this, Yemen Email List log in to your List Builder account and click Contacts > Groups > +Create Group. Screenshot of importing the list into Sumo List Builder Choose a name for the group (like “Blog Commenters”) and click +Import. Screenshot of importing the list into

How Can I Find Someone’s Phone Number on LinkedIn

Sumo List Builder Select the CSV file you downloaded to import the list. Make sure the name and email columns are set up properly. Screenshot of importing the list into Sumo Yemen Email List List Builder Now here’s where you need to pay attention. According to the US CAN-SPAM Act, it’s illegal for you to just start emailing these people without permission.[*] However, you can “cold email” them to try to get them to officially Yemen Email List subscribe to your list. One way to do this is to send them to the landing page you created in the first Yemen Email List strategy on this list. Here’s an example email you could send them: Hey, [name]! I noticed you commented on one of our posts at

Yemen Email List

[site name]. Thanks so much for participating in Yemen Email List our community! Since you took the time to comment, I thought you might be interested in our [guide]. If you are, you can get it here: [Landing Page URL] If not, no worries! I won’t bother you again about it. Cheers! [Name] Alternatively, you could just Yemen Email List straight up ask them if they’d like to subscribe to your email list. Either way, don’t email them Yemen Email List anything besides this message, and remove anyone who doesn’t sign up to make sure you stay compliant. 8. BONUS: RUN A GIVEAWAY Last but not least, I have a bonus method for you — running a giveaway! I didn’t do this myself on The

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