Authenticity: what is it and how to make it your own? We should all have the definition of authenticity in mind but it is always better to do a refresher. According to the Treccani encyclopedia:” What is true, that is, not false, and which can be proved as such “. Authenticity is associated with feelings of creativity, inspiration and uniqueness. This is true globally. In fact, it has been found in multiple countries such as Canada, Brazil, Indonesia and Russia that the experience on TikTok is perceived as genuine, truthful, and consequently more fun. Tiktok One of the most interesting things from this point of view is that 56 % of TikTok users say they feel much freer posting content than any other platform.

And Here Is the Added Value of the Content Conveyed in

For the former as originality, authenticity and  are by the platform itself and its algorithm; for brands because, research shows, those that show themselves inclined to this value would appear to benefit from better performance. So let’s say that authenticity is making its way more and more in the great ocean of fake that we have become accustomed Georgia WhatsApp Number List to on social media .Leaving us some openings for true communication. All clear? Go on.Tiktok: only positive vibes! Another important evidence is that TikTok appears to an environment where users feel comfortable and are to interact. Because? Because they feel freer to be themselves. And the recent revelations about the big competitor Instagram fall flat.

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Martina Socrate Explains the Importance of Being

Martina Socrate explains the importance of being yourself on the platform Only positive vibes for TikTok users! According to the data: 31% of users believe that using the app lifts morale. And this turns out to be one of the main reasons for returning to the app (seeing is believing!)59% perceive a strong sense of . If Zuckerberg’s social network turned out to have a negative impact on the perception of the self (due to the incessant pursuit of perfection), here we swim in calmer waters, at least from the point of view of self-expression and the sensations perceived by those who shakes.

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