Here’s an example of one of my posts being featured in the #StartupWatching newsletter: Screenshot showing newsletter example This newsletter feature generated Palau Email List 118 clicks back to the original post: Screenshot showing Google Analytics stats And when you get featured in bigger emails like Pocket Hits, the results can be truly incredible:[*] Screenshot showing Google Analytics stats If you create Palau Email List epic content, sometimes it’ll get picked up organically. But you don’t want to leave things to chance here… So how do you go about getting featured in newsletters? First, you need to uncover the best newsletters in your niche.

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Here’s how: Search newsletter directories like Revue Discover (which features 500+ newsletters across a bunch of topics).[*] Ask your network “what are the best [topic] Palau Email List newsletters I should subscribe to?” Put this out across Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and a bunch of niche communities. Open Palau Email List up Google and search for keywords related to your list. For example, ‘SaaS Newsletters’. Screenshot of Google search results for Then you need to find who curates the top newsletters you’d like to be featured in. A few ways to do this: Search for the newsletter name on Twitter, for example, by searching #startupwatching you can see Bram

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Kanstein curates the content that’s featured each week. Screenshot showing Twitter search results Check a copy of the newsletter; they’ll often include details of Palau Email List where to send tips and who curates the content. Screenshot showing newsletter footer Finally, shoot an email over to the curator of the newsletter. Here’s a template: P.S. Can’t find the right contact email address? There’s an epic tip for that coming up later? Palau Email List Subject: Tip for [newsletter name] Body: Hey {Name}, Thanks for curating [newsletter name]. Really love the content you share! Wanted to see if this post [post headline here] could be a good fit for your next issue?

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