Dutch young people read too little, which in the long run has unpleasant consequences, such as language delays. A third of young people Taiwan Phone Number List do not like reading and 50% of students never read a novel or longer story. Love is rammed out of it at school: as soon as you are forced to read, it becomes less fun. How can we make reading fun again? Solution for language delay in young people One in four fifteen-year-olds has a

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language delay. When young people start to enjoy reading again, they read more and broaden their vocabulary. Edith Hooge, chair of the Education Council: “Reading also contributes to democracy. People who read can distinguish real news from fake news, it stimulates curiosity and it teaches you to argue.” Edith is referring to deep reading. Young people do read a lot, of course, online and on their smartphones, but with deep reading, your brain requires a different kind of concentration.

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Taiwan Phone Number List

This means that you think in different layers, you make connections, and deep reading gives you certain insights.” Could chat fiction (telling stories through instant messaging) be the solution? Prem Gupta, co-founder of chat fiction app Hooked: You cannot compete with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook for a teenager’s attention on their phone.

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