Have to process the data because it is required by law. The processing of data ensures the protection of vital interests. They perform a task of general interest  Armenia Phone Number List or public authority. It is necessary to look after a ‘legitimate interest’. They still have a duty of accountability and a duty to report. They must therefore let you know which matters they record and demonstrate that this is necessary. It should of course not become a bite.

Place in Open Environments

sized chunks for hackers. In addition, if it concerns highly sensitive information, they must do an ‘impact assessment’ in advance and submit it to the AP. Finally, a data protection officer must be appointed who can answer questions about the data processes. As a ‘citizen’ you then have the right to access, rectification, data portability, right of retention, and right to be forgotten. Cybersecurity: What can you do yourself?

You as an Organization Can Explain

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The laws and authorities are of course fine, but here too the following applies: a safer world starts with yourself. What can you do yourself to prevent hacker attacks? The book also provides a laundry list of hints and tips for this. Below is a selection. You can of course think of all kinds of protective software and hardware, but cybersecurity simply starts with your own security awareness. Never just believe what you.

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