The NOS decided in October 2020 to remove its logos from satellite and jet vehicles. The coronavirus seems to have strengthened the Guatemala Phone Number List threats, says NOS reporter Kysia Hekster. The moment journalists are threaten and unable to do their jobs normally. There is a new threat to democracy. This danger is recogniz and efforts  being made to protect democracy against disinformation.

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In May Chris Tenove (University of British Columbia, Vancouver) analyzes policies to protect democracies from disinformation. Strengthening of the security policy regulation of elections. And regulations for the media are often mention. European policy analyst and specialist in online disinformation Paul Butcher argues in a distinguish discussion paper that structural flaws in the political system are driving the disinformation problem to a high degree.

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Solutions should therefore also be structural. He believes that commercial motives for spreading disinformation should dismantlonline platforms should fairer and more transparent and media outlets should motivat to compete for less attention. Disinformation as a threat to emerging violence A third danger is that disinformation leads to violence and racism.

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