There is no doubt that the video game industry is becoming more and more important. If previously it was very rare that we could see a campaign for a specific video game. Today it is extremely common to see advertising on television. Printed magazines or even on social networks with twitter being one of . The most popular platforms for this market, which is also facing a battle in the virtual world. Taú the official bank of the brazilian soccer team and the 2014 fifa world cup. Kicks off its first campaign for the long-awaited sporting event with. The short film the great transformation. Which metaphorically narrates the great changes it has gone through in order.

To Be the Home of Football During the World Cup

And turns the country into a football stadium. International. The official bank of the brazilian soccer team and the 2014 FIFA world cup, kicks off . Its first campaign for the long-awaited Lebanon Email List sporting event with the short film the great transformation , which metaphorically narrates . The great changes it has gone through with the in order to be the home of football during the world cup, and turns . The country into a football stadium.More related articles . Brazil 2014 will distribute 576 million dollars among its participantstop 5: the most expensive strikers of brazil 2014 . Top 5 the most expensive midfielders of brazil 2014the idea is.

Lebanon Email List

To celebrate and show that the Brazilian has

To celebrate brazil and show that the brazilian has enough power, in his role as a player and also as a fan, to make big changes on the pitch. The short film was produced by the africa agency and shows the main tourist areas of the country. Production was not spared, because for 20 days nine cities were visited to find the best locations.Andrea pinotti cordeiro, director of marketing at itaú unibanco, declares that the intention of the campaign, the first of all those aimed at the world cup, is to represent “the strength of the brazilian fans”. On the other hand, sergio gordilho creative director of africa wants this short film to remind us that

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