Compromised images, hashtags, and characters are the keys to success on Twitter. With the intention of further consolidating its platform as an effective and powerful advertising channel, Twitter will shortly announce the launch of segmented advertising products through retargeting. That is it will give advertisers. The possibility of showing advertising to users based on the history of their activity within the social network to increase the relevance that the audience finds in these messages. Statements released by TechCrunch ensure that this targeted advertising will be displayed on Twitter in native format. So it will appear on the users’ timeline as well as the rest of the tweets from the contacts.

What Each Person Concentrates in Their Community

That each person concentrates in their community. After identifying that the website or profile of the user has been visited. Any of the advertisers. This new advertising format, which will be displayed only on mobile devices, is an effort by. The microblogging  CFO Email List social network to further monetize its mobile platform and increase 70 percent. The advertising profits that this channel gives in terms of revenue. This is an example of the evolution in advertising to new formats that implies. The application of big data to marketing allows not only to know the behavior. The audience but also to find and impact potential consumers of the brand with personalized messages and according to their needs. Needs. However, despite the fact that the terms and conditions of many platforms such as Twitter indicate.

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The Possible Use That Is Given to the Information Users

The possible use that is given to the information that users share on them. This type of advertising could be too invasive for users. That now they will not only see tweets paid by advertisers on their timeline. But these will also have to do with their browsing history. A fact that could be considered a violation of their privacy For now, we will have to wait to know the conditions with which this new advertising format will. Be implemented as well as the reactions it will generate in the more than 200 million users s monthly.

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