The boomers and my Generation Nix, who still think very much from the hierarchy. The generation below me is already thinking much more Qatar Phone Number List about how work fits well into your life. Sometimes that is difficult to understand. I also sometimes think that millennials are mostly lazy. But that’s part of the transition. In the Netherlands, there are still many dogmas about work and we mainly look at what we lose.

If It Turns Out That Readers

In Asia and Africa, people are already looking more ahead, at the opportunities. So if we go here to more different cultures and people, it will mean something for the mindset in the workplace.” If you don’t want to wait that long… How do you change behavior? “Individually, we always say that we are moving and that the others are standing still or opposing. Change is now mainly determined top-down.

Only Respond Positively

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But people only change by looking for things that help them in the change, or by avoiding things that stand in the way of the change. At Microsoft, for example, paper waste could only be prevented by removing the printers. So look for those resources that concretely help with the change. What is agile? What is entrepreneurship? Facilitate that, make it specific! Then it is not very complicated.

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