Take or upload a photo and you will immediately see (shoppable) Pins and products that match the item in your photo. Pinterest calls it ‘Snap and shop’. Ideal if you spot a cool poster in a random coffee shop, which would also fit perfectly into your interior, for  China Phone Number List example. Pinterest Lens not only tells you which poster it is and where you can buy it but also gives you similar shopping suggestions. You might think: how often do people.

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use such a function? But that will surprise you: in 2019 alone, the number of visual searches on Pinterest has tripled. Pinterest Lens definitely contributes to one of Pinterest’s mottos: ‘ if you can see it, you can shop it ‘. video player 00:00 00:16 Pinterest Lens is already available everywhere, but it is still in development. The next enrichment within Lens is the worldwide integration of a ‘try on’ function, with which you can test.

Still Have to Be Made About

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different lip colors, sunglasses, or hair colors in augmented reality ‘ from the comfort of your own home ‘. So next level shopping. This extension is already being tested in the United States and Great Britain, so there is a good chance that we can also get started with it in 2021. 5. Awareness and Balance One of the Pinterest trends of ‘conscious consumption. Source: Pinterest Newsroom.

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