It is necessary to determine the best practices to be within them. México, D.F.-. The end of the year is approaching and with it the planning of marketing actions will determine the strategies to continue considering the trends that are expected for 2014. The commitment to content marketing, the more specific segmentation of the market, the growth in the use of apps, transmedia, and Big Data, are some of the axes on which digital marketing will walk in the coming months. Related articles: 3 tips to get to know your customers better on the internet 4 Google tools for marketing that you probably did not know 3 examples of the why print will prevail, however knowing the trends that will be on everyone’s lips is not enough. It is necessary to determine the best practices to be within them in order to maximize the growth opportunities that this implies.

Thus, We Share Three Aspects to Consider in Order to Be

Thus, we share three aspects to consider in order to be in trend in 2014. Strategic content specialists foresee that content marketing will have an important growth during. The following year with which more brands will add to publish. Their own content and increase their participation in platforms such as social networks and blogs. Despite this, it Peru Phone Number List will not be enough to generate articles or posts indiscriminately and without control behind. Content marketing will reach a stage of maturation, so to make the most of the impact it implies, it will be vital to think about content creation . A tactical strategic and long-term way, so the generated material should consider four points basics: be smart -considering the objectives of the brand and the needs of the audience.

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Fragmented in publication and topics of interest adaptable

Fragmented in publication and topics of interest; adaptable to at least three platforms and be based on an editorial calendar. Big data applied in 2014 the management of large quantities will materialize as an important tool in the decision-making process. The marketing and advertising arena to support the marketing actions to be developed. In this regard, the use of data will have to be more intelligent and focused on particular objectives. Advertisers should think about smart and segmented cross-media communication strategies.

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