We declare advertising on Snapchat Ad Manager open! This was in June, but we did not have access to it yet. It’s now done. This is really what the social network has been missing for a long time. What does Snapchat Ad Manager look like? We tell you more. Like any advertising network, we find the key steps to launch a campaign on social networks. The first is to define your marketing objectives. Here you have the choice between.

The Advertising Formats Offered Are Again

The advertising formats are again limited. The ad creation tool currently only allows you to create Snap Ads. Lenses and Geofilters are unfortunately not yet available. As a logical next step, these formats should come to Snapchat Ad Manager later. In the meantime, we can create and deploy Snap Ads ads for you to target your younger customers. You can find in this article The Snapchat Ad Manager Advertising Network Is Available! a lot of information to better know the users of Snapchat, and thus see if they correspond to your target audience. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we define together which Social Ads strategy would be the most relevant according to your objectives and your offer.

Update Snapchat Has Just Announced in Its Blog the Upcoming

Update Snapchat has just announced in its blog the upcoming launch of an advanced mode on Snapchat Ad Manager. The Snapchat Ad Manager Advertising Network Is Available! This mode will give access to a number of additional tools like Facebook Power Editor. The new features will make it even easier  for advertisers to create, manage and deploy their advertising campaigns. The creation of personalized audiences. The storage of photos and videos, the possibility of simultaneously testing campaign variants with different audiences these are some examples of the features to come.

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