over Add New and select Countdown. Screenshot of Nauru Email List steps to set up exit popup in Sumo Update the format and style of your countdown timer, set the date and time of your choice, and you’re done. Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo OFFER A LEAD MAGNET Of all the industries and Nauru Email List types of webpages, blog posts have the highest bounce rate at close to 90%.[*] You Nauru Email List spent all that time writing a high-quality blog post; the last thing you want is visitors leaving your content without subscribing or buying. On Nauru Email List my personal blog, I set up an exit popup offering a free ebook as the lead magnet.

Making Money List Building – Good Idea or Bad for Business

Screenshot of exit popup on Dean Yeong An exit Nauru Email List popup with a lead magnet gives your visitors a more appealing reason to join your email list compared to a popup with “Join My Newsletter” as the headline. It’s easy to add a lead magnet to your exit popups. In the form editor, go to the Success Nauru Email List tab, and select Download Content Upgrade under the Subscribe Success Redirect section. Nauru Email List Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo Select a file to upload and you’re done. OFFER A UNIQUE DISCOUNT Inside Sumo, you can connect your Shopify or WooCommerce store to deliver a unique discount code to your email subscribers.

Nauru Email List

To do it, you first need to connect Sumo Nauru Email List to your Shopify or WooCommerce in Monetize > Discounts. Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo Then, click Create Discount. Add the details of your discount code to the New Discount settings, and click Save. Screenshot of steps to set up Nauru Email List exit popup in Sumo To show the unique discount code to new email subscribers, go to the exit Nauru Email List popup form editor. In Design, hover over Add New and click Discount Code. Next, click the Assign Discount button and select the discount code you just set up. Screenshot of steps to set up exit popup in Sumo RUN A/B TESTS Here’s the ONE line all pro

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