Telecommuting and leveraging a remote team. It’s no longer a buzzword thrown around by startups and millennial. This is quickly becoming the new norm for much of the global workforce. And it’s definitely a must-have for any company wishing to attract top talent .However, creating (and retaining) a strong remote workforce isn’t as simple as offering a work-from-home option.The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a jaw-dropping statistic: On average, more than 3 million people voluntarily quit their jobs every month . Yes, that includes the flighty teenager who quits McDonald’s to go work with friends at Taco Bell, as well as the movie mogul who voluntarily steps down after boosting the MeToo movement. But most of those 3 million leave for all sorts of other reasons.

This Begs the Question: How Do Companies Retain

This begs the question: how do companies retain their remote teams?Here’s where to start:create success”Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success. – Henry Ford The leader of a remote team can develop a strong relationship by thinking like a coach rather than a manager. And great coaches always have the right equipment.Give employees the tools they need to streamline workflow, El Salvador Phone Number collaborate, and stay focused on their tasks. The latter can be one of the biggest challenges when working from home. With no one around to encourage accountability, it’s very easy to get distracted. Like office workers, people working from home sometimes can’t avoid interruptions.

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Don’t look at this as a big brother is watching” tactic

Don’t look at this as a “big brother is watching” tactic. (Remote managers don’t have the luxury of spotting an empty cubicle only to know that Mr. Jones hasn’t arrived at the office.) These types of tools reinforce the accountability factor.Responsibility is a key to progress in the distant world. Progress breeds productivity which, in turn, breeds success. You’ll also find a planning app useful for keeping track of vacations (reminding you of why Mr. Jones wasn’t “at his desk” this week).Providing access to (and training on) cloud collaboration platforms like Zoho Projects, Trello, or Slack is another step to success. Whether you want to manage workflow, organize multiple projects, or encourage discussion, there’s a collaborative app for it. These apps are essentially productivity platforms.

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