As with Christmas shopping, there are those who anticipate long before, those who are neither too early nor too late, and those who shop at the last minute. School supplies appeared in supermarkets from the end of June. Thus, 52% of French people have anticipated back-to-school purchases from at least July. At the beginning of August, they were only 24%. However, the purchases are staggered until September, or even October. Some schools only give out lists of school supplies at the beginning of the school year, and some still, especially in the Superior, make their start of the school year later. FEVAD thus observed increases in retail requests during this period.

Write text ads consistent with your keywords

Internet users will naturally click on text ads that correspond to their search on Google. The keywords you have chosen must therefore be linked to your text ad, ie appear in the title and description. To attract more attention from Internet users, prioritize your keywords or related words in the titles of text ads. This will immediately catch the eye Finland WhatsApp Number List of Internet users. And they will be more likely to click when they see that it corresponds to what they were looking for. Google AdWords: 5 tips for successful text adsIn this example, From the 2nd week of August 2016, there were + 30% more requests before reaching a peak in the 2nd week of September on the IT category.

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Internet Users Looking for a Site Where to Buy School Supplies

Internet users looking for a site where to buy school supplies will be by this text ad which. In addition to being at the forefront in the first search results, includes the keyword they typed from the beginning of the title and in the description. Group your text ads and topic-targeted keywords into ad groups. This will allow you to be more precise in the wording of your ads. Using the example above, we can imagine a group of ads on the theme of back to school with keywords like school supplies

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