Improving and optimizing e-commerce sites to improve the user experience is no longer enough to make a difference against the competition. Although this remains an essential criterion for online shoppers, they now expect more from e-commerce sites. The personalization of the customer experience has become a criterion of choice for online buyers, and therefore a challenge for e-merchants. Quit a company specializing in real-time hyper-personalization of the customer experience, recently released a study on the personalization of customer journeys. For four years, 2 billion customer journeys have been analyzed. Combined with two surveys conducted with customers and marketers. The analysis demonstrated the importance and necessity of personalizing the customer experience. We also learn which are the most effective optimization and personalization techniques in terms of average increase in revenue per visitor (RPV).

Key takeaways from this study Revenue visitor

As we have seen, social proof is an effective personalization technique despite what customers may think. According to the survey results, shoppers say they are not influenced by the buying habits of other consumers. However, the study of customer journeys proves the opposite. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List It is even the most effective technique after rarity. Offering consumers products tested and approved by other consumers would generate an increase in revenue per visitor of 2.3%. This is a much more effective technique than product recommendation which only generates 0.4% RPV.

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What Personalization Techniques Should You Avoid?

It appears from the report that one should not count only on the aesthetic improvement. The pages to increase the revenue per visitor. Changes to buttons, navigation and site design have no influence on the increase in VPN. Personalize the customer journey YES, but focus on proven personalization techniques. The key is up to 6% more VPN by combining the most effective techniques and avoiding as much as possible those that will not affect your online income.

However first and foremost, you need to know your online customers well through data collection and analysis. An essential preliminary step that we can perform for you.

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