Driven by the curiosity to find out what man is able to do in a ruthless competition with life hanging by a thread, we all came across his nine episodes. Let’s do some plot recap, will you? Is the Korean series that talks about survival and does so by staging a macabre game, in which hundreds of people are called to participate who, having nothing to lose. Are willing to risk their lives with the hope to win the rich final prize. Whoever loses in apparent simple games , such as “one, two, three star”, is not simply eliminated but directly killed by the guards in red overalls. How many of us would participate in such a thick game? Do not dwell too much on this question, do you know why?

To Provide Us With a Good Solution to Our Searches

To provide us with a good solution to our searches, browsers through crawlers rank websites by relevance, eliminating, like the guards in the famous series, those that are not optimized or simply not in line with the request.Crawlers are the reason why search engines can Greece WhatsApp Number List provide results relevant to our requests at all times.To ourselves better, every time we search on browsers we enter a Query in the search bar . As a result we get the SERPs or rather the web pages to consult to satisfy our research. But how do search engines do that work? Assuming that each browser has its own crawler also called BOT .

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For Example Google Has “Googlebot” or Bing Has “Bingbot”

They work like spiders with their own web, moving through the network, grouping information and indexing the various sites to create your own web. For this, they are also known as. Yes, they are real virtual librarians! Their favorite pastime is the with their tentacles they collect and download information and content. Which and catalog in the SERP . So that they can be by users in order of relevance. This is how your every query always gets relevant results. They are of particular importance for SEO search engine optimization.

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