Related articles:4 tips to better position your videos on. Youtube top 5: memes of the Mexican team marketing in real-time these numbers coincide with those given . The recording industry association of America (riaa), which estimates that during the past year more. Than three-quarters of all music-related transactions were digital singles. With sales reaching $1.4 billion, outpacing cd sales by a factor of seven. The digital music market continues to grow steadily, driven by. To a large extent, due to the mobile, digital and social habits of users who now decide what to listen to and when to do it. In this context. The services that offer this type of service have been favored in an important way. Since subscribers to them have increased considerably.

Thus, for Example, Paid Subscribers to Online Streaming

Thus for example, paid subscribers to online streaming services. Such as deez er or spotify registered a growth of 44 percent at the end of last year to reach 20 million. A figure that allows them to concentrate 10 percent of the world digital music market. According to the ifpi. The numbers make evident the interest that users have to listen to music COO Email List through mobile platforms, but what was the most listened to digital during 2013? To answer this question. Spotify created a ranking that reveals the most listened to digital during 2013 in Mexico and the world. (3 percent). The theft of information. In addition to compromising confidential data. Implies millionaire losses for the affected companies. According to a report released by the international telecommunications union (itu). At the end of last year, it was estimated that cyber attacks had affected 550 million people worldwide, causing economic losses

COO Email List

For This Reason 93 Percent of Companies Worldwide Have

For this reason, 93 percent of companies worldwide have maintained or increased their investment in cyber security, since 31 percent of them reported an incident of this nature in the last 12 months, according to a study carried out by ernst & young .. Assets that Twitter already concentrates, on generating engagement are two of the most important premises that you must consider. Establish activities:select the platforms that you are going to use, identify the resources that you are going to need

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