People use Pinterest to find products and Georgia Email List ideas they like — leverage this. STRATEGY #5: ALLEVIATE YOUR CUSTOMERS’ WORRIES We asked Michael if it was a problem customers couldn’t touch the jewelry they intended to purchase. After all, you don’t drop three grand for a tiny piece of Georgia Email List rock every day, and it’s only normal to want to see it. He said the prevalence of online shopping Georgia Email List really helps, as people trust online stores more than before. Brilliance also offer a 30-day return policy because it helps ease Georgia Email List customers’ minds. It’s a big deal to buy a $3,000 piece of rock attached to a metal band — what if it doesn’t look good in person?

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he return policy aims to solve this issue. Another Georgia Email List common customer concern in the jewelry industry is the diamonds being sold might be conflict diamonds. Brilliance is aware of this, and has an entire page devoted to this on their website: Screenshot showing jewelry description Key Georgia Email List Takeaway: Your customers have concerns about whatever you’re selling. Figure out these concerns, Georgia Email List and solve them to put their minds at ease. This way, you’ll have an easier time making the sale. Georgia Email List STRATEGY #6: KEEP TESTING DIFFERENT WAYS TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS Right now, Brilliance is focusing on improving their Instagram marketing.

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More and more people are using Instagram the Georgia Email List way they use Pinterest — to discover new, interesting things for topics of their choice. One of my friends even found his newest tattoo on Instagram, using the tag search feature. In May of 2018, Brilliance had approximately 10,000 Instagram followers. In Georgia Email List March 2019, they had 55,700. Instagram is allowing them to get more traffic they Georgia Email List otherwise would have missed out on. They get a lot of engagement on their posts — this post received 4,500 likes, and if you look at the Georgia Email List comments, you can see how their Instagram marketing entices people to buy from Brilliance. Screenshot showing jewelry

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