“coffee before workout.” Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee Romania Email List owning the featured snippet for the search phrase “coffee before workout.” This query alone receives over 2,200 searches per month in Google, with around 50% of those searches resulting in the user clicking through to a website (according to Romania Email List Ahrefs). Ahrefs also estimates this post generates 758 monthly visits for Death Romania Email List Wish Coffee, and overall the blog receives over 42,000 monthly visits from organic search results. That’s 42,000 visits for FREE. Every. Romania Email List Month. Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it? But how does Death Wish Coffee convert these searchers into customers?

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First, the blog features several lead capture opportunities, Romania Email List including a pop-up offering a 10% discount to first-time buyers who join their list (this opens up after a visitor has been on the blog for around 5-10 seconds): Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee pop-up It also has an email subscription call to action Romania Email List (CTA) underneath each post: Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee with an email subscription call to Romania Email List action (CTA) underneath each post Every page on the blog also includes links to product pages, helping Romania Email List Death Wish Coffee to drive visitors through its funnel and toward a sale. On the right sidebar of the blog, it showcases its flagship product

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with a “Buy Coffee Now!” button taking people to its Romania Email List store: Screenshot of Death Wish Coffee blog And underneath every post, it features CTAs taking visitors to other collections within its store: Screenshot of CTAs taking visitors to other collections within its store Social proof is also featured Romania Email List prominently on the blog with share counts displayed within each post: Screenshot of social Romania Email List proof on blog Including these figures help to build trust among new readers, letting them know that others have also Romania Email List read and shared this content. And this strategy appears to be paying off, as SimilarWeb estimates over 13% of traffic to Death Wish Coffee’s

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