Control resource- will decide who will be the winner with this. You will be able to have the option of detecting if a buyer of votes or likes.To avoid prize hunters. It is advisable to put in your contest rules that the person who has already won in a previous promotion of the same product. Will not be able to participate in a period x of time. To have control of this, use a database or a simple excel and always keep .Much data as possible on the winners.

Agency We Even Ask Them for a Copy of Their Life

Agency, we even ask them for a copy of their life and we take.A photo of them with the prize. If you are not sure how to control a promotion or you do not have. The tools to count and verify the authenticity of the participants, better not even try it. You could be hanging yourself and putting your prestige at risk. And what is more serious is that you will Turkey Phone Number List be wasting the client’s money. Better rethink the dynamic what other actions have you used and were effective to protect yourself and avoid abusive users and prize hunters? Sharing is important to learn and not make the same mistakes others have already experienced.

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What keeps marketers up at night? It mainly

What keeps marketers up at night? It mainly investigates what are the current concerns of marketing professionals. In its 2013 version, carried out with a thousand people in the united states. Effectiveness and ability to measure the impact of their digital campaigns. More related articles. Regional payment engines, the future of e-commerce in mexico47% of people are more attracted to advertising with humor facebook: the only social network that does sell this research aims to reveal new knowledge about the beliefs and attitudes of those involved in the digital marketing industry.

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