Here’s an example of how Ryan Robinson uses an exit Montenegro Email List popup to get visitors to join his free course. Screenshot of an exit popup from Ryan Robinson The vast majority of your site visitors leave without taking action. An exit popup is your last-ditch effort to convert them. Unlike an instant Montenegro Email List popup or timed popup, an exit popup is less intrusive because it doesn’t interrupt visitors Montenegro Email List while they are browsing your page. Some people may argue popups are annoying in general. But people are trying Montenegro Email List to leave — when they see an exit popup — anyway. It’s unlikely they will convert just because you’re too kind to NOT use an exit popup.

Email Marketing – What it is and How it Can Benefit Your Business

Here is what I know is true: A good exit popup can: Montenegro Email List Grow your email list. Promote special offers. Reduce your cart abandonment. Below I’m going to show you how to use exit popups to do each of these, step-by-step. THE THREE BEST PLACES TO USE AN EXIT POPUP 1. GROW YOUR Montenegro Email List EMAIL LIST The most common use for an exit popup is to grow an email list. Encourage your Montenegro Email List visitors to join your list by offering something valuable before they leave. For example, we ask abandoning visitors Montenegro Email List to join our email list by offering our Shopify Marketing Vault. Screenshot of Sumo exit popup asking abandoning visitors to join email list by offering

Montenegro Email List

Shopify Marketing Vault. We show this to visitors Montenegro Email List reading our blog posts, just before they leave. It’s been seen by 282,978 visitors and has generated 3,581 new email subscribers for us. Screenshot of stats for Sumo exit popup Key Takeaway: The money is in the list. Use an exit popup to Montenegro Email List offer a lead magnet that will convert your visitors into subscribers. PROMOTE SPECIAL Montenegro Email List OFFERS The next most common usage of an exit popup is to promote special offers. It could be an exclusive discount for Montenegro Email List first-time visitors or a limited-time offer during the holiday season. Here, KLOS Guitars uses it to offer a one-time discount on the visitor’s first order.

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