There is no bad publicity… Well yes! Poor strategy, poor communication, blunders sometimes so huge. That one comes to wonder how no one was able to avoid them. What are the reasons for this bad buzz. How to manage the crisis and above all yet, but know that today no business is immune.A bad buzz is simply a marketing operation – communication, advertising, product – that didn’t work, and the news of which spreads faster than light

At a Time When the Sharing of Information, Images

Especially via social networks. At a time when the sharing of information, images and videos is greatly facilitated on the web, bad buzz can quickly have a negative effect on the brand if it is not quickly controlled. In nearly half of the cases, bad buzz has a negative impact on the brand, whether in terms of image, but very often in the form of additional financial costs.

A certainly higher average, the brands always trying to minimize the repercussions. But no bad buzz is inevitable, because there are good ways to react to it. The main reasons for these bad buzz More or less virulent, studies show that an average of two bad buzz per week took  Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List
place in 2016. The main causes? A brand reputation crisis, stemming from poor communication, an error from the marketing department, or even from a former employee. A faulty product can also be the trigger (like at Samsung!).

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The Worst Bad Buzz, or How to Manage (or Not) a Digital

The worst Bad Buzz, or how to manage (or not) a digital crisisThe reactions to these digital crises are different depending on the brand, between waiting for better or immediate mea culpa, sometimes even the biggest groups make big mistakes… The whole thing is to know how to get up, something easier for multinationals than for SMEs.Samsung’s explosive batteries last summer. Until complaints are starting to arrive from China, concerning batteries that overheat and sometimes even explode. And that’s when Samsung will make.

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