When leaving items in the cart, Ugmonk shows me that they really care and wants to know more about why I might have left those items there. This is a really well done email for Lebanon Phone Number List ecommerce.” In a similar vein, community-driven ecommerce platform Massdrop uses a neat subject line formula to personalize its cart abandonment messages: Hey [First Name], still interested in the [Product Name]? Lebanon Phone Number List Screenshot of Massdrop Here’s a copy of the corresponding email.[*] Screenshot of Moschino 2. USE KILLER, ON-BRAND COPY Getting your email opened is just the first step.

Why Your Email Marketing Is Going Wrong

Once the customer has opened your email, the real magic needs to happen. In ecommerce, copywriting can make your brand stand out from the crowd. Your abandoned Lebanon Phone Number List cart email is a perfect place to do this and showcase your brand and what you stand for. Great copy should take your customers on a journey. And no matter where they interact with your brand — your homepage, ads, social Lebanon Phone Number List media posts, or emails — you should be telling the same story. A perfect example of this is Whiskey Loot. If you check its About page, you can tell Whiskey Loot is a fun, friendly and approachable brand.

Lebanon Phone Number List

The copy is written like the brand is talking to a friend. It’s clear the brand doesn’t take itself too seriously. Screenshot of Whiskey Loot Product descriptions are also Lebanon Phone Number List written in a fun, playful tone: Screenshot of Whiskey Loot For example, “And wait? No one’s talking about it” makes the reader feel like they’re in a conversation and “well good thing we are” also helps to breed trust and show Lebanon Phone Number List that Whiskey Loot is keen to keep you abreast of the latest and best whiskeys on the market. In this day and age, great copy doesn’t just mean words. Emojis can say a lot about your brand, too.

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