400 new subscribers 900 new subscribers Uganda Phone Number List (Accumulative) 1,500 new subscribers (Accumulative) MARKETING STRATEGIES Week 1 – 4 Create content upgrades and add click-trigger popups to your top 10 traffic blog posts (inside Google Analytics go to Behavior > Site Content > All Pages to see what your top traffic posts are). Then check out these instructions to set up Sumo click trigger popups. Screenshot Uganda Phone Number List showing click trigger popup Create a site-wide lead magnet that your audience desperately wants. Screenshot showing a site-wide popup on Sumo Add Welcome Mats (pictured below), Scroll Boxes, and Smart Bars Uganda Phone Number List to your top 10

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traffic posts. Check out the instructions to set them up here. Screenshot showing a welcome mat on Sumo Email your LinkedIn contacts and ask them to join your email list. Here’s Uganda Phone Number List a step-by-step guide on how to do this. Screenshot showing an email template Week 5 – 8 Check out this guide and follow the Uganda Phone Number List steps to republish your blog posts in 3-5 major publications. Create a custom landing page for your mailing list and spend $10 to $30 on Facebook ads to your custom landing page. Uganda Phone Number List Screenshot showing OkDork Reach out to three blogs with a similar size audience to run cross-promotions. Learn more about running a cross-

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promotion here. Week 9 – 12 Run a viral giveaway (make sure your prize is related to your product and niche). Check out this detailed guide on how to run a viral giveaway. Uganda Phone Number List Screenshot showing a viral giveaway example Spend $10/day on Facebook ads to bring new traffic to your viral giveaway. Pitch influencers and existing subscribers to promote your giveaway. ONGOING MARKETING Uganda Phone Number List ACTIVITIES Write new high-quality blog posts to generate more traffic. Spend $10 to $30 daily to Uganda Phone Number List boost your content on Facebook. MARKETING PLAN TEMPLATE TO GROW ECOMMERCE REVENUE Goal: $10,000 in revenue in 12 weeks

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