Just a question: how seriously do you take Pinterest already? Are you thinking ‘mwah, nice for that?’ Think again. What once started as a platform for mood UAE Phone Number List boards and DIYs has now become one of the current conversion platforms. It is therefore high time to put 5 Pinterest trends in the spotlight. From new.

Walls and Fixed Computers

Such as Pinterest Stories and Pinterest Lens, to the trending topics of the moment. On a silver platter, so you can take advantage of it. Whether you are a brand or creator. 1. Story Pins 2. Pinterest Shopping 3. Pinterest Trends 4. Pinterest Lens 5. Awareness and Balance 1. Story Pins After Instagram, Facebook and most recently LinkedIn, Pinterest couldn’t stay behind. Say hello to yet another ‘Stories.

Now It Stands On One Hand

UAE Phone Number List

What do these Stories on Pinterest look like? Well, ‘just’. As we know them from other social platforms: a (painted up) photo or video with written or spoken text. But, don’t be fooled, because it is not a thoughtless copy-paste from other platforms. On the contrary, Pinterest Stories differ from Instagram Stories or Facebook Stories in several ways and are therefore interesting. Examples of Story Pins.

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