Twenty words A sentence should never be longer is the rule of thumb. And there’s nothing wrong with “half sentences,” whether they start with a conjunction Belize Phone Number List or not. After all, you are ‘talking’ and a lot can be done in spoken language! Also handy against a round of words: no passive voice and no pincer constructions. And delete ‘will’, ‘can’, ‘will’, ‘hope’ and ‘try’. 2.4 ‘So what?’ You can’t hold someone with your tone if the content.

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isn’t right. Your reader is likely to respond with “So what?” on what you say? Then something is wrong. You’re not in the right place until he says ‘Go on!’ would say. The trick? Think and look like your reader, so that they think: Hey, this is me! This applies to me! 3. Seducing is a profession Enjoy reading? The reader will succeed if you serve him a tasty text. Not chewy, not lukewarm, but pleasant and intense.

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taste Food cooked with love tastes much better. You can taste that love. You can also taste the writer’s love for the text (and for you as a consumer). So: make it nice. With salt and pepper, with original ingredients, with a striking layout. Taste is of course personal. But just like a chef, you cook exactly for the audience that suits you. 3.2 Human and easy If you want to scare people away, write like a robot. Cold, distant, and formal.

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