It’s no secret: 2020 is a weird year that will turn our world upside down. And not only our world changed, but our lifestyles and our search behavior also changed with it. From long journeys to staycations and from date nights in the pub to home brewing and mood booster Germany Phone Number List playlists. Our world became smaller and with that, we also brought our search behavior ‘closer to home’. A conscious, balanced, and preferably sustainable life.

This Causes a Delay in the Process

That is what we are now (literally) looking for. Funnily enough, Pinterest already predicted this craving for a more conscious, balanced life. In ‘ Pinterest 100’ the trend reports that the platform was released in December 2019. Add to that the corona crisis and you understand that this need has only increased further. Curious about the trending topics of the moment, which are expected to still be much sought after.

People In The Content Migration

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Here is a shortlist of trending topics with some searches highlighted per trending topic. Be inspired and think about how you as a creator can also create content around this, so that you can piggyback on success: Conscious living With searches such as low waste living, thrifted home decor, protest posters. Finding balance With searches such as social media detox, art therapy activities, feng shui decor.

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