Ready for future legislation Currently, the WCAG guidelines are only required by law for government and semi-government entities. But we can Cyprus Phone Number List assume that sooner or later this will become the law for all websites and apps. For example, in 2025 the European Accessibility Act will come into effect, under which webshops, financial services, and ATMs must be digitally accessible.

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Examples of being digitally accessible There are many ways and possibilities to increase the digital accessibility of your website. Here are some examples: 1. Use a high contrast For the visually impair the use of contrast on your website is of great importance. The WCAG guidelines, therefore, require website owners to maintain a contrast ratio of at least.

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Here you have to adjust both the text and the graphic elements. 2. Change font size Another WCAG guideline is to provide a feature to change the font size. You can build a browser-independent feature into your website, so that visitors can enlarge the text by up to 200 percent. 3. Describe visual elements on your website that should have a clear text alternative.

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