Expected both by consumers to make good deals and by merchants to develop their sales, the sales represent a high point in commerce, but also in e-commerce. And in the heart of this year 2018. Those of summer are fast approaching. since they are announced for June 27th. Thus, our certified AdWords agency, shares some tips to best prepare your AdWords strategy during this decisive period.

The trend of summer sales 2018

In 2018, mobile continues to rise. Quickly becoming the essential object of users, they like to use it to find out, compare and buy. Thus, this pushes brands to develop or strengthen their omnichannel strategy to respond to new consumer habits. This trend is also reflected in queries from search engines like Google. Constantly evolving over the past  Netherlands Phone Number List few years, mobile search shows no sign of slowing down . With their smartphone, users like to search for information about a product that interests them or buy it online after having tried it in-store. These new practices have allowed the emergence of new strategies: web-to-store and store-to-web.

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A successful presence on Google with AdWords

A successful presence must necessarily go through the creation of clear objectives that will guide your strategy. Text ad, Shopping or Display, your visibility must be worked on more in this very competitive context. Thus, you will be able to reach new targets, but above all re-engage your customers. Push your Google Shopping and Google Display listings

It is obvious that the use of Google Shopping is not the same as that of Google Display and vice versa. Thus, it is necessary to know who you want to talk to and how. First of all, whether for one or the other, we recommend that you adopt strong penetration of all of your audience lists. Therefore it will be possible for you to cover all the different online behavior patterns of your buyers.On Google Shopping , you can push your lists of buyers, abandoned carts, customers from summer sales from previous years, etc. But also your audience lists similar to buyers to reach Internet users whose behavior corresponds to those of your usual buyers.

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