medium is evolving more than ever. For example, due to the enormous growth of TikTok (despite the growing criticism). Or look at the increasing AR  Mexico Phone Number List applications that keep and make it interesting for both users and marketers. But on the other hand, there has never been so much discussion about social media as during 2020. Is that a threatening or bad development for the communication or marketing specialists?

Less Driven by Salary Status

among us? No, I do not think so. The current situation in social media land creates very interesting opportunities. But, it does make us think! This year the trend overview looks a bit different than you are used to from me. No list of features this year, but a prediction that applies much more emphatically to social development than to the technical development of the medium. Illustration of a woman looking at her.

Motivational Instruments of Management

Mexico Phone Number List

smartphone. It was and is mainly about the user, not about the technical innovation If I summarize the year 2020 from a social media perspective, I have to conclude that it has not been such a ‘ ground breaking ‘ year in terms of technical innovations. Might sound crazy, given the literally dozens of new features every week. But the cards seem fairly shuffled. If you look at the innovations, you have actually mainly seen .

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