This step-by-step guide to creating your first Story Pins. 2. Pinterest Shopping ‘Making every pin That’s one of Pinterest’s goals. And making Pins shoppable? They do that more and more and better. And we as users are getting Australia Phone Number List more and more used to it. It’s no coincidence that 80% of Pinterest users have bought something after seeing it on Pinterest. It’s no coincidence that 93% of Pinterest users consult the platform.

Target Group the Content

Before making a purchase. And: it is not just that the number of Shopping Pins increased by 250% in 2019. video player But make no mistake. Unlike Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest does not want to become a ‘place to buy. They prefer to develop as a ‘place to buy online. This is how they want to capture the feeling of strolling through the city or your favorite department store on the platform, especially.

Chop It Into Small Pieces

Australia Phone Number List

Corona time. They are therefore not designed to send you to one product so that it ends up in your shopping cart and you are gone again. No, their goal is to become a sort of catalog of inspiration, which you can browse through at your leisure and come up with new discoveries every time. From new running pants to a jewelry organizer to a garden DIY.

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