The emails Brilliance sends, for the most part, are about new French Email Lists products they have in store. Brilliances email list is full of people who are interested in buying jewelry, whether for themselves, as a gift for a partner, or for an upcoming proposal, and they expect these kinds of emails. The emails also include exotic French Email Lists products subscribers might like — dinosaur fossil rings, carbon fiber rings, French Email Lists titanium rings, and other unconventional forms of jewelry. Here’s what one of these emails look like: Screenshot showing an email French Email Lists newsletter Michael mentioned these products get lots of clicks, meaning their audience finds the exotic products interesting.


Brilliance has found something their customers are French Email Lists interested in, and keep coming up with similar, engaging ideas to keep their audience engaged. They’re focusing on what works by continuing to put exotic forms of jewelry in their emails. Whenever a user leaves with an item in their cart, or checks a product French Email Lists page but leaves the site afterward, Brilliance sends them a French Email Lists reminder of that item through email (if they’re logged into the Brilliance site). According to Michael, their open rates are as high as 40%, and their click French Email Lists rates are as high as 15%. That’s effective email marketing. Brilliance also gets: Lots of sales from email whenever they

French Email Lists

announce the sales via email. Really high open French Email Lists and click-through rates from cart and product abandonment emails. Key Takeaway: Provide value to your customers in some way through email, and build a relationship with your audience. Interesting or informational content your audience finds valuable French Email Lists are great examples. When the time comes to send a sales email, they will be more French Email Lists inclined to buy from you. Also, send emails to logged-in users who abandon cart and product pages. STRATEGY #3: KEEP IN TOUCH French Email Lists FREQUENTLY Brilliance sends approximately three emails a week to their mailing list. Seem too much? Well, they’re

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