The something bad happened email Formula: Hey, I Angola Email List [something bad that gets attention] Examples: Hey, I messed up. Part five: transactional email subject lines Chances are your company sends a ton of transactional emails. They are emails like order confirmations, Angola Email List receipts, and billing reminders. As these emails are usually triggered by customer actions, like making a purchase or signing up for your product, Angola Email List transactional emails have an open rate of eight times higher than normal emails.[*] Best Email Angola Email List Subject Lines: Screenshot of bar chart showing the effectiveness of transactional email subject lines But you still want to do


everything in your power to ensure your Angola Email List transactional emails are opened. After all, they often contain important information. Here are 7 formulas to help you craft amazing transactional email subject lines. 74. The welcome email Formula: Welcome to [Brand/Name]! Example: Welcome to Angola Email List Sumo! Here’s an example welcome email: Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of Wealthify email 75. Angola Email List The let’s get started email Formula: Welcome to [Brand/Name] – [Action encouraged] Example: Welcome to Warby Parker! Try Angola Email List on some glasses now 76. The thank you email Formula: [Business name]: Thank you for being a customer

Angola Email List

Example: Dollar Shave Club: Thank you for being a Angola Email List customer Check out an example thank you email from Medium below: Best Email Subject Lines: Screenshot of email from Medium 77. The reminder email Formula: [Date/Time] You [Action took] Example: Last Wednesday You Added Nike Angola Email List Running Shoes to your basket 78. The order email Formula: Your order of [product name] Angola Email List Example: Your order of Spiderman 3 79. The next steps email Formula: Welcome to [product name] – [next steps] Example: Angola Email List Welcome to Uber – here’s how to take your first ride 80. The action required email Formula: Action Required: [Task] Example:

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