Their goal was $20,000, but they raised $57,543. Haiti Email List There’s an important lesson here: go above and beyond to create top-quality products, and the product will sell itself. William told us Pistol Lake has a limited marketing budget; they use remarketing (Facebook Ads, Google AdSense) to reach Haiti Email List people who have shown interest in their products before. Besides remarketing, almost all their Haiti Email List traffic is non-paid. It comes either from Reddit (which we’ll talk about in a second), or, according to William, word of mouth. Their products Haiti Email List speak for themselves. They aren’t cheap — they’re made in the US and with top-notch fabrics — but Pistol Lake

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still turns a profit month after month. People Haiti Email List pay for quality. Chief Sumo Noah Kagan said it best: Screenshot showing Noah Kagan Key Takeaway: Build a top-quality Haiti Email List product customers simply can’t pass on, even if creating such a great product takes lots of effort. Everyone Haiti Email List can sell average products — shine in your industry. STRATEGY #2: HAVE AND UPHOLD VALUES YOU BELIEVE IN Unethical manufacturing is a legitimate concern in the clothing industry. According to William, this is a problem even Haiti Email List in the US — most clothing manufacturing plants are simply not great working environments.

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This is why Pistol Lake works with a factory Haiti Email List that: Pays their employees wages the employees can actually live with. Cares about their employees’ wellbeing. Has been in business for over 40 years, and has a track record of being ethical. This does drive up their costs, yes, but it also increases their product quality. According to William, they could choose to work with another factory in LA and save Haiti Email List 20%, but this would mean lower-quality products, and supporting a factory which doesn’t care about its employees as much Haiti Email List as the factory they currently work with. Here’s another snapshot from Pistol Lake’s Kickstarter campaign in 2016:

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