The appearance of social networks and their arrival in our daily lives has revolutionized our consumption habits. Tourism is no exception. The Schofields company or even Voyages-scnf associated with the firm Bolero have carried out studies on this subject. Their goal? Understand the link that now reads social networks and tourism. Are these our new travel guides? Are they actors in the decision-making of the destination? Your Powertrafic e-reputation agency has studied this new phenomenon.

Tourism and social networks: a winning duo

It is now obvious, social networks influence our behavior, our decisions and our consumption. The same is true for the tourism sector. As proof travel is the third most used hashtag on Instagram. And according to, even if 80% of respondents say that India Phone Number List the opinion of their friends or family remains their first source of travel ideas, 34% of them say they use social networks to look for travel ideas. This result rises to 51% among those under 35 years of age. Information that proves that the main precursors of this new trend are the Millennials.

In the tourism sector, social networks have rapidly become an additional source of information. Influencers, media, brands as well as users, everyone brings their stone to the building on these networks. And today, the news feeds of social networks have a real influence on the choice of holiday destinations.

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Which social networks are our 2.0 guides?

It’s no longer a secret, but social networks are prescribers of trends and desires. In the field of tourism, they play an important role in the promotion of alternative destinations, at the antipodes of Los Angeles, Santorini and even New York. Pinterest, to build your trip Pinterest is used in the construction of trips. On this social network, users Tourism Social Networks Our New Travel Guides Business create tables of their next destinations and insert visual content related to the theme. Adrien Boyer, France director of Pinterest, reveals that 68% of active users on the platform carry out searches according to the places they want or are going to visit.

But above all, it makes you dream with photos sublimated with filters. For the quality of the photos, but also because it allows users to discover a destination from a different angle. It is comparable to a photo album since users share their vacation photos in real time with their community. Surveyed by Schofileds,40% of Millennials surveyed say they care about how their holidays are perceived by those around them or followers.

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