E-commerce continues to grow in the consumption habits of the French. But at a time when social networks are taking up more and more space in their daily lives, wouldn’t the future of e-commerce be in Social Commerce? Because yes, social networks are conducive to e-commerce. Their development goes in this direction anyway. So what are you waiting to get started?

Why Are Social Networks Conducive to E-commerce?

A showcase that influences users
Social networks offer you a certain visibility on the Internet, with a large audience. The formats, advertising or not, to highlight your offer are more and more creative and attractive. On Facebook, for example, you have the choice between the carousel, the slideshow, the Canva and even soon the Facebook Collection mobile advertising format. Pinterest and Instagram also work wonders for showcasing your products in their best light. But it is ultimately Facebook that currently influences users the most to make a purchase. Bahrain WhatsApp Number List If users decide to buy products or services via social networks, it is because the terrain is conducive to this. Social networks are developing and integrating new tools to encourage users to make purchases directly from the social network. A godsend for the professionals that you are! Sponsored ads, precise targeting options, call-to-action buttons, … are just a few examples among many others. But marketing and advertising tools are only the beginning of Social Commerce. Soon social networks will be real commercial platforms where you can sell your products.

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These Social Networks That Are Becoming E-commerce Platforms

Pinterest was the first to launch into e-commerce in 2015 when it launched a Buyable Pins button in the United States. This function should soon arrive in France. Similarly, the “Lens” and “Shop the Look” functions will also be rolled out immediately. The first is a sort of Shazam of the object, the second allows you to identify and buy all the products present in a photo. Instagram also plans to roll out two new Social Commerce-friendly features this year: booking services online and purchasing products.

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