However, before you can view this Uk Email Lists data in your dashboard, you need to ensure your revenue data is connected to GA. Here’s how to do this: Connecting Shopify Data If you use Shopify to manage your ecommerce store, integrating with GA is incredibly simple. The first step is to add your Uganda Email List Google Analytics code to your Shopify store. To do this, go to Shopify, select Online Store from the left-side Uk Email Lists menu then select Preferences. Now you’ll see a space to add your Google Analytics code: Screenshot of steps to add Google Analytics code in Shopify Next, you’ll need to head to Google Analytics and click the Admin button (next to the

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Gears icon) in the bottom-left corner. Screenshot of Uk Email Lists steps to set up ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics In the View menu (the third column), select Ecommerce Settings. Screenshot of steps to set up ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics Finally, switch the Enable Ecommerce toggle to Uk Email Lists On. Screenshot of steps to set up ecommerce dashboard in Google Analytics And that’s it. Your Uk Email Lists revenue data is connected to Google Analytics. Note: This is what Shopify calls ‘Basic’ ecommerce tracking — your transaction and revenue data will now be passed from Shopify to GA.[*] Connecting Other Ecommerce Provider Data If your

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ecommerce store isn’t running on Shopify, check Uk Email Lists the documentation from your provider to see if they have any integrations. If not, you might need a developer to install the Google Analytics Web Tracking code on your site.[*] ENHANCING YOUR DASHBOARD WITH REVENUE-RELATED Uk Email Lists WIDGETS Now that you’ve connected GA to your ecommerce site, it’s time to add revenue data to yourUk Email Lists dashboard. This is where your dashboard levels up and becomes a goldmine for your business. To add your first revenue-related widget to your dashboard, click the + Add Widget button at the top of your dashboard, then choose the type of widget you’d

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