Terms of clarity. And break your story down into bite-sized paragraphs. Text that looks good reads better and faster. 1.4 PAKHEM (the reader) grabbing head Always stay original Short, legible text Keep the content strong The first sentence counts Nice angle You can think about Belarus Phone Number List that yourself. Better yet, remember these rules of thumb. Actually, they speak for themselves. PAKHEM is also included in the other tips.

How Your Text Should Come Across

Don’t let go How do you hold someone’s attention? By not getting bogged down in endless bumbling. 2.1 ‘Talk’ to your reader Have you got hold of the reader? Then you are talking to him. Would you ever get ‘as agreed’ or ‘we offer a wide variety of…’? Oh no. The rule of thumb is: write as you speak. So ‘as promised’ and ‘you will never go wrong with us!’ You can easily check whether your text is spoken and therefore.

Digitization Is Now More Important

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Avoid vagueness Vague: you quickly become that if you write indirectly, unoriginal and impersonal. If you come across as vague, then you probably aren’t doing your best for me, the reader thinks. And maybe you even have something to hide. He will not go into the sea with an indefinable boat with a vague skipper. In concrete terms: get straight to the point, delete all clichés and write honestly. 2.3 Keep it simple Maximum.

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