Shein: how the famous e-commerce was bornYou’ve probably heard of it too, but why is Shein talking about it all?We are talking about e-commerce born in 2008 that focuses on fast fashion BTC. Developed as a brand in 2012, whose CEO is Chris Xu. Shein, was born with the name of ZZKKO, as a dropshipping company. Its journey towards becoming the company we know begins when the company decides to change sector. It begins to do so when it first buys new products from Guangzhou, the central hub for many Chinese apparel markets. Then the company was renamed “Sheinside”, and the market it aims at is that of women’s clothing. It is precisely during these years that the company also becomes a brand. Sheinside” finally changes its name to “Shein” in 2015, and thanks to Social Media marketing through collaborations with fashion bloggers on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest it begins to make itself known in the world, although it is still little known in China.

It Boomed During the Covid-19 Pandemic, in Fact in

It boomed during the Covid-19 pandemic, in fact, in 2020 it made $10 billion in revenue, reaching 100% sales growth. On May 11, Shein became the most downloaded shopping app in the United States, surpassing Amazon. Today its value is $47 billion. The reason for Shein’s success The success that rose between 2020 and 2021 is linked to Germany WhatsApp Number List’s particular marketing strategies capable of attracting the attention of customers. It is precisely for these reasons that you probably know Shein too. Surely you have heard of it or have seen some of its advertisements in the main social networks. But what is it that made this company so special, so much so that it surpasses various equally famous brands?

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The software Shein is the real proof of digital transformation

The software Shein is the real proof of digital transformation. In fact, it uses a very special software that is based on artificial intelligence and deep learning. This software works by using data to reduce errors in trend predictions. Its purpose is to show articles customers’ interests personalizing every single experience.Data processing capability is by the adoption of and deep learning and is essential for forecasting sales. Like every retailer, it uses cookies and algorithms, monitoring customer behaviors and trends in real-time, creating an automatic process that happens intuitively. Ideas go directly to Shein’s design team.

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