Follow the step-by-step video tutorial below. Follow along through the text. (Note: the text does have a few extras compared to the video, but I mention what those extras are in the India WhatsApp Number List video itself.) 2. CHOOSE YOUR STORE’S NAME Your store’s name is a big deal! It’s your brand; your business’s soul. (Or something like that.) Note: Your store name does not need to be the same as your legal business name, India WhatsApp Number List but if it’s different, you have to file a “Doing Business As” or DBA in the US. India WhatsApp Number List While we’re on that subject, most people wonder if they need to register a business before opening their store. Technically, no — you don’t have to worry about your

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business being a “business” until you’re making income. My advice is to not let registering your business stop you from starting. You can always register after you start India WhatsApp Number List making some money. Just keep in mind that you need to at least file a DBA if you don’t incorporate. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and this is not legal advice. Talk to a business attorney for that, review your jurisdiction’s laws, and India WhatsApp Number List don’t forget about things like GDPR when configuring your store. Here are some tips on India WhatsApp Number List how to name your store: Try to keep it short and simple (fewer than 12 characters if possible). Make it something easy to remember (and spell).

India WhatsApp Number List

Be original (don’t copy another brand name). Important! Keep your product offerings (current AND future) in mind. Don’t let your name limit you. Say you’re selling India WhatsApp Number List matcha tea. “Simply Matcha” sounds like a great name, right? It’s short, easy to spell and remember, and original. What happens when you branch out into selling other kinds of tea? Your brand name is suddenly limiting you. I’m not India WhatsApp Number List saying you can’t have a name like this. Just make sure if you DO go with a name like this you’ll still sell “simply matcha” in five or even 10 years. You can always rebrand, but that’s not an easy process. Note: These tips are just that — tips.

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