beyond mere merchandise. And the Tokelau Email List heart of that is creating content that’s about your audience, for your audience, and even by your audience.” So how can you use this knowledge to increase your sales? Get serious about your content strategy — start by brainstorming topic ideas. Tokelau Email List Grab a trial account on Ahrefs, put a competitor’s site in their Site Explorer tool, and browse Tokelau Email List their organic keywords.[*] Screenshot of steps of getting competitor Pro Tip: Sort your competitors’ keywords by looking for keyword Tokelau Email List difficulty (KD) of <20 for newer sites, as well as >100 searches per month. Prioritize keywords related to your products.

People or Making Peoples’ Life Miserable

Say I sell camping gear and I see the keyword “Tokelau Email List camping checklist.” I can create an ultimate camping checklist, then include links to my products from that article. It’s helpful, informative, and still relevant to the sales cycle. Find additional topic ideas by browsing the most-shared content in your Tokelau Email List industry using Buzzsumo. Copy the URLs of your competitors that blog often, plug them Tokelau Email List into Buzzsumo, and get content ideas based on share count.[*] Screenshot of steps to find most-shared content in Tokelau Email List industry using Buzzsumo Create a content calendar (use a spreadsheet or a tool like CoSchedule) based on the topic and keyword ideas you’ve

Tokelau Email List

collected. Depending on your bandwidth and Tokelau Email List team size, aim for at least one article per month (more if possible). Remember: quality is more important than quantity! For more help implementing a content plus commerce strategy, read our full guide. 2. CHATBOTS’ AI INTEGRATION IS GETTING Tokelau Email List SMARTER Chatbots’ popularity has grown over the last few years. In fact, Gartner predicts “By Tokelau Email List 2020, the average person will have more conversations with bots than with their spouse.” Yikes![*] But did you know

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