store is up and running, there are two key areas to keep optimizing on the site. SEO To say that organic traffic from search is free would be a lie. But the fact is that it’s low Norway WhatsApp Number List cost and profitable enough that not optimizing for it would be foolish. Shopify is built to make Norway WhatsApp Number List the best of technical SEO, which means there isn’t a ton of improvements to be made there. Norway WhatsApp Number List Page load times will be fast, pages will be well structured, etc. Where you can make a difference is: Make sure you have set up your pages, posts, products,

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and images with keyword-focused metadata. Submit your XML sitemap to Google Search Console.[*] Configure 301 redirects so traffic going to your old URLs will land Norway WhatsApp Number List on the correct pages on your new site, as it will have a different URL structure. Create Norway WhatsApp Number List keyword-rich content on pages and posts that draws in searchers looking for the things you sell. A Norway WhatsApp Number List note on Shopify, URLs, and SEO: Shopify has an unchangeable URL structure that denotes pages and posts. /collections for collection pages /products for

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product pages /blogs/blog-name for different blogs and posts So when you move, your URLs would go from
In the past, this caused SEO worries, Norway WhatsApp Number List as some people pushed the opinion this URL structure would hurt search engine rankings. This is not the case. Ten years ago, Google might have cared more about URL structure, but not anymore. To put a myth to bed — Norway WhatsApp Number List this change in structure is not going to cause a dip in your rankings. Migrations CAN negatively affect search engine rankings if not

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