emails once per month or even every other week. But, because you’re cramming in more than two articles, you need to make things visually appealing and neat. These next few examples do just that. EXAMPLE #16: HUBSPOT In this HubSpot one, the first sentence tells us that it’s a roundup email and Qatar WhatsApp Number List then we see a series of blog articles. Each one has the title and a short description with a big Qatar WhatsApp Number List image in between the two. This is easy to read and perfect for anyone scanning the email to see what interests them. EXAMPLE #17: MYFITNESSPAL MyFitnessPal does a great job of this too. First, we see a big featured recipe and then a few

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smaller ones follow. The featured recipe is the only one with a description, then each subsequent smaller one has a title and drool-worthy image next to it. Again, this layout Qatar WhatsApp Number List is perfect for those looking to scan the email to find only the recipes that interest them. GATED CONTENT EMAILS Whenever you create gated content — pieces of content that require additional opt in information Qatar WhatsApp Number List (like name, phone, etc) — you’ll need to send over an email that piques your audience’s interest enough for them to want to take the next step. This email should also showcase the benefits of opting in right away or you’ll lose your subscriber’s attention.

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EXAMPLE #18: HUBSPOT HubSpot’s opt in email is a great one to follow because they do just that. Here, they introduce the email with an eye-catching Qatar WhatsApp Number List statistic and follow this up with a link to their offer. For those who haven’t clicked the link, they give a short description of what to expect and then they follow this up with a call to action button. While the layout is simple, the two call to Qatar WhatsApp Number List actions are perfectly placed to get readers to click. WEBINAR EMAILS If the thought of writing a webinar email gives you Blank Page Syndrome, these examples should help. EXAMPLE #19: LEWIS HOWES First, we see how Lewis Howes delivers his

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