emails sent to a non-segmented list.[*] By sending your Kazakhstan Email List message to the right audience (which is probably not your entire list), you’ll deliver a highly targeted message that piques their interest. Subscribers are more likely to click through to your offer and move further down your funnel. There are Kazakhstan Email List dozens of ways you can segment your list, but four of the best ones to start with include: Engagement: Kazakhstan Email List Use your open rates first. Send one email to readers who opened your email and a Kazakhstan Email List separate one to those who didn’t. For those who skipped your email, test out a different subject line or preheader text and keep the email inside the same.

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Past Interactions: If someone signed up for your Kazakhstan Email List productivity hacks guide before, they’ll probably be interested in similar topics moving forward. Buyer’s Journey: Your customers are all in different stages of your funnel, so it only makes sense to segment them based on their stage. Those Kazakhstan Email List starting out may need more information, while those deeper in the funnel may be Kazakhstan Email List looking for discounts and social proof before they commit to making a purchase. Buyer’s Persona: Even if your target audience Kazakhstan Email List is mostly one gender, your data probably spans a few different age ranges. If that’s the case, it would be in your best interest to send emails

Kazakhstan Email List

targeted to each demographic. Baby Kazakhstan Email List Boomers may not want to read the same topics as Millennials. If you haven’t started segmenting your list, now is the time to do so. Start by using Sumo to segment and group your list based on the form your readers opted into. First, create a Group: Then Kazakhstan Email List connect that Group to your email collection form: This simple automation takes out a Kazakhstan Email List good chunk of work for you, and gives you a highly segmented list. #11: YOU’RE NOT USING DOUBLE-OPENS Since Kazakhstan Email List we know most of your subscribers won’t open your emails, it’s smart to have a backup plan. That’s where double-opens come in.

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