General newsletter, send them your most-trafficked or most-shared articles. You get the idea. ABANDONED CART CAMPAIGN Next up, we have a drip Romania Phone Number List campaign triggered whenever someone abandons their cart. Given that somewhere between 55% and 82% of all carts are abandoned, this email drip sequence can make you a lot of money![*] An abandoned cart sequence might Romania Phone Number List look like this: Drip 1: The “You Forgot This” Email (Stress that it may sell out) Drip 2: The Discount Email Romania Phone Number List (Offer a discount if they buy) Drip 3: The Urgency Email (Stress that the discount is running out) The first email should mention that they forgot items new archers.

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in their cart, and perhaps use some form of urgency, such as “limited quantities” or “act fast.” This email from Doggyloot is a great example of urgency and humor: Subject: There’s Romania Phone Number List still time to fetch your deal from doggyloot Screenshot showing an email example of a pet shop After the initial email, you can send a limited-time discount to try to seal the deal. If they still don’t bite, send one final email Romania Phone Number List stressing the urgency of the limited-time coupon code and mention the benefits of Romania Phone Number List whatever they’re buying one last time. This email from Tenikle is a great example of combining a discount and urgency in one email (the {discount} will be filled in with a

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discount code in the actual email): Subject: Final Hours: 10% off your order Screenshot showing an email example of Tenikle It gets a 43% open rate and 9% click rate: Romania Phone Number List Screenshot showing how to setup automatic email responder in Sumo You can automate this campaign using a Sumo form on your checkout page to collect emails, and the Automatic Email Responder to send the Romania Phone Number List emails (like Tenikle did above). RE-ENGAGEMENT CAMPAIGN The last beginner Romania Phone Number List strategy I’ll share is a re-engagement drip campaign. The goal here is to re-engage past customers who haven’t bought in a while (say, 90 days) or subscribers who haven’t clicked an

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