xisting customers are the backbone of your sales and your most valuable asset. And yet, in one way or another, they are often taken for granted, bombarded with inappropriate offers, or completely ignored in the endless pursuit of the elusive first sale. Marketers can no longer assume that old customers will continue to buy. Your offers should be personal, highly targeted and perfectly timed.Exceptional customer service doesn’t end with a sale. If your customer list is a growing pile of unique wonders, you have some work to do. Rather than letting your relationships lapse, use simple techniques to build customer loyalty.

Get Organizedit Can Seem Daunting to Keep Track

Get organizedIt can seem daunting to keep track of every person who has ever purchased something from your business, let alone keep in touch with them. Luckily for all of us, we have software to handle the daunting task of organizing customer data. Use CRM to keep track of these past active and inactive customers. Set reminders and tasks associated with customer groups. See your individual contacts’ past purchases and communications with your company at any time.So that all of your company’s representatives can provide personalized customer service to any customer at a glance.To reach when you have all your customer data in one place.It’s pretty easy to stay in touch, especially with automation. Although it’s bad practice to drive your customers crazy with spam. You still need to contact them constantly.

How Often Is Often Enough? Well if You’re Launching

How often is often enough? Well, if you’re launching a new product, service, or site update, you’ll want to let your past customers know about it first. If a few months have passed with no interaction from them, prompt them to update their email preferences. Consider contacting customers on their birthdays or holidays. Create reminders based on these events to ensure you contact customers in a timely manner. Just beware of too much automation, as in the case of Amazon.Stay freshWhen you’re trying to catch the attention of past clients, it helps ensure that you’re not just inviting them to be bored with the same old, same old. Updating product images every season is one way to spruce up your site.

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