December 25th is approaching and again this year you are late with Christmas presents. We would have bet! But if you haven’t given your loved ones any gifts yet, don’t worry – we’re here to help! You tried, but without success 😤 Read this story thoroughly: you have a girlfriend or boyfriend who is hooked on the computer from morning to night. You tried to take her or to the Museum to understand if Art was right for her because you already had her Christmas present ready: the Andy Warhol t-shirt. But after two minutes he asked you: when are we going home? since you are in this apocalyptic situation and you will probably be biting your nails compulsively scrolling.

The Amazon Page to Find Inspiration, Not Even Pinterest

The Amazon page to find inspiration, not even Pinterest, we thought we would give you a hand and recommend a list of Christmas gifts to give to people like us. Like who? Like us: a bit geek, a bit nerd or simply who like to stay in their room or in their office to change the world of advertising and communication with keyboard strokes and clicks.Christmas Express Letter 🥺Dear Espresso Marketing Community, for this Christmas I would like…Books! Yes, but which ones? How to do nothing: if you Guatemala WhatsApp Number List  can’t resist the urge to pull out your phone after yet another joke from your father that doesn’t make you laugh, this book will be your best friend for this Christmas and certainly for your future as well.Nudge. The gentle push: the new strategy to improve our decisions about money, health, happiness. The life of a digital worker is super hectic, crazy customers.

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Thousand Tasks a Day, Tight Deadlines for Anything and Making

a thousand tasks a day, tight deadlines for anything and making decisions at a hyper mega atomic speed is practically impossible. So what do you do? So, nothing: read this book. What are you eating for dinner today? With what means of transportation will you go to the center? How do you invest your money this weekend? You need a Nudge, trust me, you need this book. Or if not here is a list of titles we recommend Factfulness Small Data ,21 lessons for the 21st centuryFactor 1% – Small habits for big resultsAlways green gadgetsNoise-canceling air pods : digital nomads will appreciate them especially when traveling by train.

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