Three days in, still waiting for a response. One week in, Vietnam Phone Number List you hear crickets… If no one ever told you this before, here you go: It’s NORMAL. Based on research by WoodPecker, simply adding one follow-up email brings your reply rate from 9% to 13%, and the first follow-up email is Vietnam Phone Number List usually the most effective — with the highest reply rate (about 40% higher than the initial email). That’s why in today’s article, I’m going to reveal the follow-up email samples our Growth Team at Sumo uses to get responses Vietnam Phone Number List from prospects — and why they work. The first step of course is to quickly find prospects’ email addresses and send the initial email.

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Then, the follow-up email is where the money is at. Ready to rack up your response rate? Let’s dive in! Table of Contents hide Follow-up email sample #1: Quick nudge Follow-up email sample #2: Sweet and simple check-in Follow-up email sample #3: Ask for the right contact Follow-up email sample #4: Vietnam Phone Number List Give options (and inject some humor) Follow-up email sample #5: Tiny sales page Follow-up Vietnam Phone Number List email sample #6: The last straw DOWNLOAD THE FOLLOW-UP EMAIL SEQUENCE Follow-up email sample #1: Quick nudge Hey [First Name]… just a little nudge, did you see my last email? Hope you’re doing awesome

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[Your Name] Why It Works: Your prospects might miss your initial email for whatever reason. This template works well as a quick reminder without being pushy. Also, the “Sent Vietnam Phone Number List from iPhone” line below the name makes the email seem more personal. When It Works Best: One to three days after your initial outreach email. Example Of It Working: Screenshot showing follow-up email sample #1 Follow-up Vietnam Phone Number List email sample #2: Sweet and simple check-in Hey [First Name], Hope you had an amazing Vietnam Phone Number List weekend. Wanted to see what your team thought of my suggestions… Let me know if I can help at all. All the best, [Your Name] Why It Works:

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